Opening hours:

The museum is open at June 26th

Tuesday, Friday 11-5 p.m.

Saturday 10-3p.m.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - closed


Entrancefee and guided tour 3€

Mårtes Gårdsmuseum

Mårtes was built in 1844 and today houses a museum. When visiting Mårtes, you will be able to see some of the oldest Björkö-cupboards decorated with ornate floral motifs, the first village radio, and old textiles, but also more modern items that represent how this home has changed with time. The museum area also contains the Motor Museum, the Soldier's Cabin, and the Carding and Spinning Mill, as well as our exhibitions about the Defence Corps, the School in Björkö, and 19th century clothing. People have already visited this house for decades, as its previous owner Emil Doktar was a famous bonesetter and adventurous jack-of-all-trades. To hear more about him, his family and Björkö life in general, do pay us a visit!


Björkö fornminnesförening r.f - en medlem av Finlands Svenska Hembygdsförbund FSH